Marketing Tips for Business Owners

I talk to a lot of business owners and many tell me that they’re really not sure what they should be doing to market their business. So, I thought I’d put together some simple tips that you can start implementing now to start seeing results! 

Utilize Social Media

It’s free and pretty easy to use! You don’t necessarily need to be on all of them, figure out which one(s) your buyer persona (ideal customer) are on and spend your time there. Be sure to use wording and images that they would resonate with. What are some common questions you get asked? What are some fun local posts you could share? Ask them questions, people love to answer questions! Spotlight your employees and why they are so important to your business! 

If you don’t have time, try a scheduling app like Buffer or Later, but be sure to hop on and engage!

*Note- while social media is an amazing tool to use to grow your business, keep in mind that algorithms change constantly, so utilizing multiple channels in your digital marketing strategy is most effective*

Be Consistent

This would be with your social media or any marketing effort you choose! Writing a blog or doing  a podcast? Try to release them consistently. Posting to social media? Get in a habit of doing it consistently. Are you using email marketing? Send them out consistently. 

This will help your customers/followers get used to your schedule. They’ll know something is coming so they’ll keep an eye out for it. It helps in other ways as well. If you’re doing social media consistently, that will help with the algorithm- ultimately gaining more reach. If you’re adding content to your website (blog or podcast), that will help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ranking = getting found by more people!

Create a Calendar

Creating a calendar is super simple and helpful! It gives you a chance to think about what you’re going to be sharing and this will actually help you save time! Think about what you’ve got coming up in your business and start to plan your content and plan of action around that. It only takes a little bit of time to really map out the next month’s goals, content and events. For instance, if you’d like to share upcoming events or specials, maybe plan to attend a local networking event to share it!


This topic has been coming up a lot lately when I’ve been talking to people…I think people have forgotten how important networking is. That real-life, face-to-face connection can be so beneficial! In today’s digital world, it’s easy to get stuck behind our screens or phones, but when you meet someone, we’re able to really share things that can’t be translated digitally. 

Are there any networking groups in your area? Here are few great ones: 

  1. Your local Chamber of Commerce
  2. BNI
  3. Rotary
  4. Other entrepreneurial groups → see if any pop-up on Google 🙂


Speaking of Google, they offer amazing (and FREE) tools to help you enhance your marketing efforts! Here are my favorites that I use:

  1. Google Analytics- I can see where people are coming from to find me, where they are hanging out on my website, long they’re staying, how many are visiting and so much other amazing data that helps me create my strategy.
  2. Google My Business- this is your Google listing that pops up when people are searching Google for you. You can add pictures, updates, events, etc. You can also edit your information for special days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. 
  3. Google Search Console- this awesome tool that helps optimize your visibility with Google. Simply put, when you index with it, it alerts Google that there is new content on your site and that Google should send it’s little spiders to check it out. When you hook it up with Google Analytics, you can see which keywords people are using to find you! How cool is that? From there you can create content that you know they are searching for! 

Doing your own marketing for your business is a great idea! It’s transparent, genuine and saves money from hiring an outside agency to do it for you. But it can be hard if you’re not sure where to start or what tools to use. This is the exact reason I created Master Your Marketing. 

As a small business owner myself, I know you’re insanely busy. I know how hard it is to get some traction if you’re not totally sure what you’re doing. I know it seems overwhelming to do all the tasks to get your business out there. 

If you’re ready to Master Your Marketing, click the banner below to learn more!

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    This are some great marketing tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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