It's time to stop going down the rabbit hole of free webinars, free downloads and everything in between that promise to make your business grow!

Imagine how it would feel if you had confidence in marketing your business? If you could do it quickly and effectively? If you knew you were reaching the people that needed and wanted to hear from you? If they were ready and willing to choose your business?!

Take a minute and think about what your business and life would look like if that happened.

In this unique program, I will be very involved helping you with each step. After working on the fundamentals of your goals, buyer persona and messaging/branding- I set everything up for you (or optimize if already in place). This would be your SEO, email marketing + automation, social media and other tools to get your working as efficiently + effectively as possible. Then, I'd show what I did and why, so you can sustain it after our coaching/training.

Your marketing strategy is critical and I would be very involved in getting that going with you!

This program is really a hybrid of me getting your systems + processes in place, but also showing you how and why we're doing it so you can continue to market your business confidently + effectively = results. We will go over everything you need to successfully market your small business. I know you have limited time- I've been there. We have a million things to do to run our business, but if we're not marketing our business, we're not growing our business :/

Each week we will have a one hour call to go over key points to create your rock solid strategy, any questions that you'll have and discuss the action items on your end. This program is designed to teach you everything you (or your team) need to know to master your marketing + grow your business. We'll start with the fundamentals and by the time we're done, you'll be ready to implement everything you've learned because all of the strategy, systems and processes will be in place for you! (FYI- it will honestly only take you a few hours a week to maintain!)

Here's what we'll cover
(it's a lot so put your 🤓 on):

Introduction to Digital + Inbound Marketing 

What it is, the different channels involved and how to utilize it in today’s busy digital world

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Best practices, on-page optimization, local listings, Google management, website backend
Relevance- update website where needed
Text length
Google My Business
Google Search Console
Google Analytics

Content Strategy
Best practices- word count, posting, images, alt text, meta descriptions
Types of content (i.e. blog, infographic, case study, video, etc.)
Keyword research to create a content plan that attracts your target audience
Create lead magnet for people to download on the website
Create a content calendar

Social Media
Best platform(s) for your business
Where is time best spent? Where will you reach your target audience?
Buyer persona & messaging exercises
How to optimize each profile
Best practices when posting
Social media strategy
Topics, tone, how often
Types of posts- blogs, images, video, live, etc.
Scheduling tools
Create a social media calendar

Email Marketing
Create a lead magnet for opt-in to grow email list of potential clients
Install a pop-up form via Hubspot
Create a follow-up email sequence to nurture these potential clients
Segment lists
Set-up CRM (Client Relationship Management) via Hubspot
Create + set-up Hubspot CRM and forms + pop-up
Create a mobile-responsive template for monthly distribution

Public Relations
Show the benefits and information about HARO (Help A Reporter Out)
to get your business featured in national publications 
This not only creates brand awareness by getting in front of their audiences, but it also increases SEO by getting back links (links directed to CA) to the website

Monthly report comprised of social media, website and email marketing metrics
This will show us what is working, what people are engaging with and any red flags on the website, social media and email marketing. This helps us tailor our content and strategy to get the best results.

List of resources to use to effectively achieve these marketing efforts
Be available for all questions, comments, getting stuck, etc.
Weekly recorded calls 
2 comprehensive guides (50+ pages) and worksheets to work through each of these channels


 #1- Bootcamp: One month for $1,000. This is for biz owners that are ready, want to dive in and likely have some experience with digital marketing.
#2- Academy: 3 months for $2,500 ($1,000 for the first month and a discounted rate of $750 for the remaining 2 months). This would be for biz owners who would want a bit more of the 1:1 coaching/training and may not have as much experience with digital marketing. 

master your marketing



"When I hired Nicole to handle my social media I expected to have to guide her on not only legal writing and legalese, but the specific area of law, as I have had to do in the past with other marketers I've worked with. But from the moment we hired her she took off and blogged and tweeted and posted with minimal input and supervision from the firm and our social media presence has expanded greatly--all because of her skill and expertise!"

"Our social media presence has expanded greatly!"

The Estate Planning & Legacy Law Center

Stephanie C.

"Nicole has brought life to my social media! Our views and engagements have increased 100 fold which has lead to a 55% increase in new sales agents joining our firm."

"Our views & engagements have increased 100 fold"

RE/MAX Alliance

Doug b.

"Nicole’s talent far exceeded our expectations. Her work in social media, content, blogging, and analytics has been invaluable to us. Her work ethic is superb and our business growth has skyrocketed since we have partnered with Nicole."

"Our business growth has skyrocketed"

performance k9 training

Christina M.