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November 1, 2021

How to Better Strategize Your Marketing

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This article was originally published on Entrepreneur.  As a small business owner, time is elusive, and too often marketing tends to fall to the back burner. Owners are so busy running businesses, honoring family commitments and the million other things they need to do on a daily basis that this vital effort gets short shrift. Yet […]

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Business Tips, Entrepreneurship

October 15, 2021

5 Critical Lessons I’ve Learned From Interviewing Over 100 Entrepreneurs

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This article was originally published on Entrepreneur.  I have interviewed more than 100 entrepreneurs over the last two years. Here are the things I’ve learned that have helped my business achieve tremendous growth. Entrepreneurship can be lonely. It’s hard to explain the amazing highs and soul-crushing lows to people who haven’t experienced them. When I […]

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Business Tips, Strategy

April 9, 2020

5 Free Ways to Market Your Business

I know a lot of small business owners are worried right now and with good reason. Things are so uncertain, people are out of jobs, spending less, we can’t leave the house to buy things, etc. so I wanted to provide some FREE ways to market your business! I’ve wanted to write this blog for […]