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I completely get it- there are endless things to be done when running your own business and it can be extremely hard to find the time to effectively market your business.
 So what can you do? 
Let me do it for you.
The businesses that utilize the power of digital marketing to cut through the noise, reach their target customers and generate leads are the ones who are growing their business. And I work with businesses that do just that. 
Here's what you can expect: 

 We start with your goals- what do you want (or need) to accomplish in your business? We'll map out how we're            going to achieve them and when. 

From there, we'll work together to create your buyer persona- this is your ideal customer. We'll discuss their age, income, where they hang out online and other important information so we know exactly who we're targeting. 

Next, we'll create your unique messaging that will attract and resonate with your buyer persona. If people don't connect with you, they likely won't take that next step with your business. 

Did you know that people make up their mind in less than 5 seconds when landing on a website? If they don’t like it within 2 (literally) seconds, the bounce rate spikes 50%. That is lightning speed. We'll audit your website to make sure it's secure, fast, all the links work and that your unique messaging is in place with the appropriate text, colors and images. Meta descirptions, alt text and other backend tasks will be done to ensure SEO best practices. 

We'll harness the power of Google and set-up both Google Search Console and Google Analytics. The Search Console indexes your site with Google and alerts it to crawl your site. Google Analytics allows us to track your website traffic, where's it's coming from and other important information so that we keep maximizing your digital marketing strategy. 

We'll brainstorm, research and create an effective content strategy to maximize your search engine optimization and get in front of your ideal customers, at the right time, on the right platform. We'll provide 4 blogs per month and 1 inbound marketing campaign each quarter based on keywords, relevance, messaging and your buyer persona(s). They will be posted according to seo practices and indexed with Google. Online listings will also be claimed and verified to ensure local seo is achieved. 

We'll discuss which social media platforms are best for you and create a custom social media strategy (including branded graphics) that reflect your brand. Daily posts relevant to your buyer persona, engagement and monitoring will amplify your message, expand your reach and grow your relationships with current + ideal customers. 

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not dead. In fact, 99% of people check it daily- up to 20 times a day! But, it is changing. You can't just slap something together and expect people to 1. open it or 2. be interested in it.  Like all aspects of marketing, you have to know your AUDIENCE. We'll create custom, mobile-friendly and effective email campaigns to build trust with your current and ideal customers. 


How can you know how far you've come if you're not sure where you started? We'll be able track trends, dips and other vital information on your website, social media and email that will help us know what is engaging + resonating with your customers and ideal customers the most. 

It means you don't have to worry about your marketing any longer. You'll have the peace of mind knowing that your marketing is being taken care of in the most effective way possible. No more Googling how to do something, no more wondering where business is coming from. You'll have a complete marketing strategy that will be done for you so you can get back to what you love- running your business! 
We'll start with your messaging, optimization and creating a strategy that works for your business. 
Then we'll monitor everything from your website to your social media to ensure that every aspect of digital marketing is working as effectively as possible. We'll make sure your website speed is up to date, secure and we'll monitor and respond to any and all social, web and email responses. We'll continue to research to make sure that your content strategy is relevant and effective. We'll discuss each of these topics, along with a report, in our strategy monthly strategy call. Everything we're doing will be located in a secure Google Drive folder that you'll have access to at anytime. 

You'll be getting personalized + effective marketing from me- not an assigned Project Manager with 25 other accounts (or someone in-house that doesn't have the knowledge + experience). I take a limited number of clients because I do all of it.
And I do what I know works.

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what does this all mean? 


"When I hired Nicole to handle my social media I expected to have to guide her on not only legal writing and legalese, but the specific area of law, as I have had to do in the past with other marketers I've worked with. But from the moment we hired her she took off and blogged and tweeted and posted with minimal input and supervision from the firm and our social media presence has expanded greatly--all because of her skill and expertise!"

"Our social media presence has expanded greatly!"

The Estate Planning & Legacy Law Center

Stephanie C.

"Nicole has brought life to my social media! Our views and engagements have increased 100 fold which has lead to a 55% increase in new sales agents joining our firm."

"Our views & engagements have increased 100 fold"

RE/MAX Alliance

Doug b.

"Nicole’s talent far exceeded our expectations. Her work in social media, content, blogging, and analytics has been invaluable to us. Her work ethic is superb and our business growth has skyrocketed since we have partnered with Nicole."

"Our business growth has skyrocketed"

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Christina M.