There are so many marketing platforms, tools and strategies out there that can really confuse business owners! I help my clients pull their ideas out of their head and get it onto paper. We work out a complete strategy that focuses on identifying your ideal customer, messaging that resonates with them and where to engage them!  

Each business is unique! What works for Bob down the street, might not be
the best strategy for you and your business. 

But sometimes that's hard to see the best path when you're in the trenches doing everything
else you need to do to run your business. 

When you have a coach, you have another set of eyes and someone to help you guide
 you with the best marketing strategies that work for YOUR business!

Your marketing strategy is critical for growth, period. I will show you exactly what to do, how to do it, why you're doing it and when to do it! It's not all about the marketing though! I'll share what tools I used, books I've read and everything else that has helped me run successful businesses since 2007!

You'll get everything you need to successfully market your business and accountability to ensure these strategies are executed. I know you have limited time- I've been there. We have a million things to do to run our business, but if we're not marketing our business, we're not growing our business :/ 

You will learn everything you (or your team) need to know to
get more customers + drive more traffic to your business.

1:1 coaching & mentoring 

Let's take the confusion out of digital marketing and get your systems + processes in place! I also teach you how and why we're doing it so you can market your business confidently + effectively = results. 

What if you had 

someone to teach you + hold you accountable?

that's me!

Create an effective & efficient marketing strategy so you can grow your business 
without stress + overwhelm

Here's what coaching with me looks like:

4 Hours of recorded 1:1 training via Zoom (1 hour meetings every other week so you can implement) I ask for a 60 day commitment so you can really learn what you need!

Membership to our amazing Bubbles & Biz community with guest experts, office hours and networking events to give you so much support! ($480 value)

Unlimited access to me via email and accountability so you get it done!

Access to my comprehensive digital marketing course so you can continue to learn outside of our meetings ($497 value)

I meet you where you are and we map out an effective strategy for you and YOUR business based on your goals- not a generic strategy! I will share EVERYTHING that I have learned and implemented over the last 14 years as a successful entrepreneur!

**Investment: $1,200 per month**



"When I hired Nicole to handle my social media I expected to have to guide her on not only legal writing and legalese, but the specific area of law, as I have had to do in the past with other marketers I've worked with. But from the moment we hired her she took off and blogged and tweeted and posted with minimal input and supervision from the firm and our social media presence has expanded greatly--all because of her skill and expertise!"

"Our social media presence has expanded greatly!"

The Estate Planning & Legacy Law Center

Stephanie C.

"Nicole has brought life to my social media! Our views and engagements have increased 100 fold which has lead to a 55% increase in new sales agents joining our firm."

"Our views & engagements have increased 100 fold"

RE/MAX Alliance

Doug b.

"Nicole’s talent far exceeded our expectations. Her work in social media, content, blogging, and analytics has been invaluable to us. Her work ethic is superb and our business growth has skyrocketed since we have partnered with Nicole."

"Our business growth has skyrocketed"

performance k9 training

Christina M.