Feeling Overwhelmed in Your Marketing? Read This!

Man, what a year 2020 has been, huh? A global pandemic, locked down with our kids, murder hornets, multiple hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico (first time ever, btw), wildfires…I could go on, but I might need to pour a glass of wine if I do. 

Anyway, my point is that life is super stressful right now for everyone. I know as a business owner, it’s felt a little more stressful for me just because my clients and I have been impacted and there’s just so much uncertainty right now. 

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I feel like summer FLEW by. I had so many plans for July and then life happened and I re-adjusted those plans for August, no big deal right? Well, today is August 25th and I’ve achieved about ⅓ of what I was planning, which was really from July…and it can feel overwhelming and quite honestly, defeating. 

I’ve fallen behind on my marketing campaigns and launches because I have been slammed with multiple recordings of the podcast for the past 3 weeks to debut in September (seriously, it’s going to be 🔥), client work has picked back up 🥳 and we had family in town for 3 weeks. All awesome things, but it has caused me to lapse in other areas i.e. my marketing for my business. Has that ever happened to you? 

So, I wanted to write a blog on how I get myself back on track and how you can if you’re feeling overwhelmed in your marketing right now (or always!)


Planning really goes a long way! We get so busy with doing the million things we need to do as a business owner that we sometimes forget to take 15-30 minutes planning what we have coming up, what we’d like to share with our customers/potential customers and how our products/services can help them! 

What kind of content would be best for them? Video? Blogs? Podcasts? Think about how they like to consume their content and brainstorm some topics that will help them. I hate video but I am going to start doing them because I can do that so much quicker than writing a blog! And, video is consumed so much more than writing (we just don’t have the attention span like we used to!) so it’s not surprising that video consumption rises by 100% every year! 

When we plan, we have an idea of what we’re going to be sharing and that is way more effective than, “Oh crap, I haven’t posted in 2 weeks, let me throw something up!”. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! 

You can use a pen and paper to write it all down or create a Google Drive folder and start storing ideas in there. You can actually build up a library of content and be able to refer to it and/or schedule it out so you have consistent content going up! 

Batch and Schedule

Scheduling blogs, podcasts, emails, social media, etc. will save you so much time! If you batch it, which means you take a couple of hours or days to get everything ready and scheduled, you will have so much weight taken off your shoulders! Then, you can just hop in and engage/comment/share! I use Later.com and it’s great as well as free! It does take a little bit of upfront time to get everything organized, optimized and ready, but it’s so worth it! It takes ALL of the overwhelm because you’re staying ahead of it! 

This is what I’ve been concentrating on this week and it feels so good! If you can’t batch, you have to figure out a way to stay consistent in your marketing efforts- that really is one of the biggest components of effective marketing – showing up 🙂 


Sometimes we do things that we think will move the needle, but they don’t. Are there any marketing activities that aren’t really doing anything for your business? Remember: busy doesn’t necessarily mean results. Think about everything that you’ve been doing and focus on what is bringing in leads, revenue and new business- how can you do more of that? On the flipside, what are you doing that is not leading to results? It may be time to stop doing those activities. 

This may be social media platforms or your messaging – are your ideal customers there? Are they connecting with what you’re sharing? Should you be spending more time connecting via email? Calling them? Writing cards? Try to figure out what is working and what is not and adjust. 

Take a breath 

Seriously take a deep breath right now, give yourself some grace and remember that you’re a human trying to run a business in the middle of this crazy time. You’re doing amazing things, keep it up! I also like to get outside for a bit each day even if it’s just to walk my dog. I get so many of my creative ideas when I get some fresh air and move my body. Give it a try and see if it helps!

If you ever want to chat about your marketing or your business, I’d love to chat! You can schedule a free strategy session here! 

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